The somali mining and hydrocarbon sector to effectively contribute to the growth of the national economy and improve the standards of living for the entire nation is an sustainable and environmentally sound maner.

Mission Statement

To provide derection and leadership to better implement management practices in accordance to international standards that develop and add value to the mining and hyrocarbon sector and contribute to the well-being of the nation.

Core Functions

The Ministry has the  following core fuctions that its needs to realize 

1. To assess, develop and utiklize effectively the nations’s hydrocarbon and  mineral resources.

2. To provide clear direction for the hydrocarbon and mining sector deveopment plan and policies development .

3. To profide information in relation to the geological servey data to investing companies.

4. To provide clear and attractive regulatory framework and to make available to potential investors of hyrocarbon and mineral resources with guidance and direction in investment related matters.

4. To provide oversight and technical expertise in the management of hydrocarbon and mineral resources 

4. To conduct and coordinate studies , reserches and other evaluations according to the public safety and invironmental needs.


In order to contribute effectively to poverty reduction, the Sector’s policy goals are:
1. To meet the petroleum and mineral needs of Somalia’s population for social and economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner;

2. to use the county’s oil and gas resources to contribute to early achievement of poverty eradication and create lasting value to society; and

3. to develop the mineral and mining sector in order to contribute significantly to sustainable national economic and social growth;

Major Strategies

To achieve the above priorities, the following major strategies have been adopted:-

1. To review and put in place modern policies and legislation that offer a conducive business environment and furthers the socio-economic interest of the country.

2. To acquire and provide necessary information and data to attract and facilitate private sector participation and capital inflow.

3. Promote and monitor petroleum exploration, development and production by the private sector for local consumption and export.

4. Promote and monitor mineral exploration and encourage local content and participation, development, production and value addition by the private sector for local consumption and export.

5. To carry out specialized and general training of manpower and strengthening capacity of the institutions responsible for managing and safeguarding the petroleum and mineral resources.

6. Increase the local participation of the indigenous entrepreneurs who will exercise initiatives by organising ventures to take benefit of opportunities in logistical support, surveys, exploration and production.

7. Carry out oil, gas and mineral development awareness campaigns so that the public knows the status of the extractive industry and their trust in the institutions grow.

8. Establish standards and promote product quality, industrial health and safety, environmental protection and code of practice in petroleum supply operations and its use in downstream businesses.

9. Monitor the acquisition of seismic data and radioactive emissions and make sure that exploration and development activities of oil, gas and mining are all safe and environment friendly.